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5 Steps Math Makes it Happen

At 5 Steps Math, we believe in teaching children how to think. Have you ever heard of heuristics and meta-skills enabling students to solve problem sums with ease? We’ve been teaching these skills professionally for years, creating A-students and Math Olympiads winners.

The Secret: 15 Years Accelerated Learning Research and the Personalized 5 Steps SystemTM

By taking every student on a personal learning journey, we tap into the key factors which allow them to learn faster, smarter, and better than ever before. By understanding the science behind learning, we’re able to create a tailored approach that puts your child’s success as the focus of everything we do.

Everyone learns in their own unique way. This means the foundation of any teaching program needs to be gaining an understanding of the specifics of the student. That way we can tailor our approach so that your child gets the most out of every single session.

Award Winning ex-MOE Math Teachers

A team that always puts your child’s success first.  

Teaching Math is a skilled profession which takes years of work to master, and only for those who have a passion and gift. Just like with any profession, it pays to work with the best, so that’s exactly what we do. By assembling a dedicated team of award-winning ex-MOE Math teachers, we’ve created a learning experience that accelerates learning whilst developing an understanding Math concepts.

7590 - Motivation-Skills

Math tuition center staffed by award-winning and vastly experienced ex-MOE Math teachers

7580 - Individual-Training
Accelerated Learning Laboratory

Proven to deliver the fastest improvement rates whilst achieving Singapore records in O-level Math

7598 - Reasoning-Skills
Unique 5 Steps SystemTM

helps accelerate  Math test preparation process whilst laying the Mathematical foundations that will last a lifetime. Our Special PSLE/O-Level accelerated preparation programs are the proven approach for any grade

7569 - Creativity-Skills
Ph.D & ex-MOE Teachers

Experienced and passionate professionals who are fully NIE trained and have a real passion for their subject. A key source of inspiration and motivation for every single student

7601 - Search-for-Solution
Teachers That Care

Not just about their subject, but about every student under their tuition. This ensures we create a focused, high energy learning environment in which everyone feels empowered to discuss new ideas and push the boundaries of their own understanding

Whilst achieving incredible examination results is at the focus of everything we do, we also believe in creating life-long learners. That’s why every one of our teachers work tirelessly to ensure that every student gains an appreciation for the joy of learning, and takes that with them throughout their life.

Creating Life-Long Learners

We focus a great amount of effort on fostering mindsets among our pupils that will enable them to go out and change the world after they have aced all of their examinations with us. That way you know that when you choose 5 Steps Math for your child, you’re laying the foundations for a lifetime of success.

Here are just a few ways that  make sure our classes are full of life-long learners:

  • We cover all levels and grades from K2 all the way up to and including JC

  • We develop a personal learning plan for every student to take into account the style and pace of learning that works best for them
  • 1-to-1 approach in small groups where we explain concepts in precise and concise language that focuses on the joy of personal small wins for every student at all times
  • Cutting-edge teaching tools, such as: apps, videos, and VR allow us to motivate your child to learn whilst simultaneously enhancing their understanding of Math dramatically
  • We’re proud to be a world class palace of Math in Singapore where students can work hard in their lessons, and then play football to relax during their break time

See what our customers are saying

Andy Teng

Our Son, Jayden, has been with 5 Steps Math since he was K2. We feel 5 Steps’ teachers had been most patient with their teaching and our boy had improved his Math substantially over time. Thanks!!!

Michael Sum

Ever since my daughter came under 5 Steps Math's tutelage, she is now more confident in tackling her once weaker subject. Results proven in her recent mid-term exams, she did very well. I am pleased to have registered my daughter at 5 Steps! Excellent!

Christine Lim

My daughter failed her Math in P5. Amazingly, within 9 months with 5 Steps Math weekly, she got A for her Math. We will definitely continue with 5 Steps Math.

Jan Tan

My nephew, Shiwei, 11 fell in love with Maths immediately after attending one 5 Steps’ Maths lesson. He is so motivated now and even asked his dad to find more past exam papers for him to practice unlike before he didn't even want to practice at all despite all the nagging.... He is so inspired now and aiming to score 100% ! I am equally excited for him .Thank you!

Rainna Lee

I feel I’m so blessed to get to know about 5 Steps Math and making the right choice in sending my boy there. Prior to sending him there we have enrolled him in others enrichment classes and none of the centres have displayed such patience and tolerance towards my son. Only Dr Alex is able to coach him with such patience that makes my boy actually look forward going to his classes every week. Looking at his improvements in Maths and with their flexibility in schedule I have even signed up for their English class!


Unlocking Your Child’s Potential

The beauty of our approach to every aspect of learning, is that it’s solely focused on the needs of your child. Many people will tell you that group learning is a good way to learn, but the latest research shows that you need to delve into the science of individual learning if you want the best results. What works well for one student may confuse another, and vice versa.

Clearly what your child deserves is a personal approach to learning that gives them a skilled teacher’s undivided attention. Our results show that when a student gets that, there’s no limit to what they can achieve.

The Key to Success

The mind is a powerful tool for learning, but it needs to be given the right input and direction. That’s why we’ve created a tailored approach to learning that puts your child’s individual needs at the center of everything we do.


5 Steps System

By putting the needs of your child first, we’ve created a powerful
learning environment that allows anyone to achieve great success in Math.

Here’s how we’ve made everything quick and easy to enroll and schedule:

Free Trial Lesson

on a day and at a time to suit you, with absolutely no obligation or deposit required

Central Location

We’re located  opposite Dhoby Ghaut MRT, 22 Orchard Road,     open 7 days a week

Simple Pricing Options

that include No Registration Fees, No Deposits, and No Material Fees

Free Copy

of a bestselling book on parenting: "100 Tips from Dr Daddy” by Dr Alex, Educational Psychologist and world leading expert on parenting. Available in English and Chinese

Flexible Time Slots

that allow you to create your own schedule, and change it anytime you need to

View Our Testimonials

to see what other happy parents think of our years of success

Advanced Learning Awaits

We believe in creating a positive forward-looking learning environment in which every student feels motivated to do their best. Only then can we achieve the results our advanced learning techniques are known for right across Singapore.

We Make it Happen

With so many online courses and group tuition centers out there, it can be hard to know where to turn for expert tuition. We teach 1-to-1 in small groups, and employ experts in their field to offer a learning experience unlike any other.

For us, it’s not just about enabling your child to achieve amazing test results. It’s about teaching them a unique way to learn that they can take with them throughout the rest of the life.

That way when they’re faced with new and exciting challenges, they’ll be able to use their advanced Math skills to work through the problem in a logical and systematic manner.


Excellence in Teaching

Creating a Palace of Math
Our teachers don’t just settle for winning awards and helping every student to excel. They also have the drive and motivation to continue to explore their own limits.

Seeing and hearing an expert teacher continue to push their own mastery in teaching Math is one of the greatest ways to motivate even the most gifted of children. Being talented is a gift, but it’s applying yourself and putting in the hard work that will make all the difference in the long run.

By empowering our teachers to go further and faster than ever before, we’ve created a learning environment unlike any other. As students see that there is never a point at which you can say you have mastered everything in Math, they’ll gain a unique understanding for the depths of knowledge required to excel in one of the most challenging subjects.

It’s this mindset that will allow them to go out and change the world once they leave us.

The Benefits Of a Trial Class

We want every parent and every student to be 100% happy with what we have to offer. To ensure that you know exactly what to expect, we offer no-obligation trial classes 7 days a week. It’s the route the vast majority of our students take, and it allows them to get the feel of our unique approach to learning:

  • Achieve

    tangible improvements in understanding Math concepts in just one session

  • Challenge

    your child by giving them a taste of a new way to learn. Once they see that they can grasp new concepts and topics much faster than before, they’ll be motivated to delve deep into the world of Math with our 5 Steps SystemTM

  • Excitement

    We create an environment where your child’s personal needs are met every single session. This gets them excited to learn something new every time they step through our door

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