Our Son, Jayden, has been with 5 Steps since he was K2. We feel 5 Steps’ teachers had been most patient with their teaching and our boy had improved his Math substantially over time. Thanks!!!
Katherine Tan
Mother of Jayden, P3
My daughter failed her Math in P5. Amazingly, within 9 months with 5 Steps weekly, she got A for her Math. We will definitely continue with 5 Steps.
Christine Lim
Mother of Trisha, P5
My nephew, Shiwei, 11 fell in love with Maths immediately after attending one 5 Steps’ lesson. He is so motivated now and even asked his dad to find more past exam papers for him to practice unlike before he didn't even want to practice at all despite all the nagging.... He is so inspired now and aiming to score 100% ! I am equally excited for him. Thank you!
Jan Tan
Antie of Shiwei, P5
5 Steps is something really different. My son’s grades has improved significantly in less than two month. You are simply the BEST! Keep it up!
Cindy Royal
Mother of Brandon, Grade 8
I feel I’m so blessed to get to know about 5 Steps Learning and making the right choice in sending my boy there. Prior to sending him there we have enrolled him in others enrichment classes and none of the centres have displayed such patience and tolerance towards my son. Looking at his improvements in Maths and with their flexibility in schedule I have even signed up for their English class! Rainna Lee
Rainna Lee
Mother of Ryan, P4
Ever since my daughter came under 5 Steps' tutelage, she is now more confident in tackling her once weaker subject. Results proven in her recent mid-term exams, she did very well. I am pleased to have registered my daughter at 5 Steps! Excellent!
Michael Sum
Father of Shermaine, Sec 3
Before starting 5 Steps my son was really lacking in confidence and disliking maths and just not wanting to do it. He also had a lot of gaps in his maths. He needed someone patient and this is what he got, he never refused to go to 5 Steps, his grades improved and he started to pass exams and he gained a lot of confidence. We had tried many tutors before but he was never content with one until we were lucky enough to find 5 Steps.
Debbie Mcvicar
Mother of Ricky, P5
My Son started with 5 Steps Learning in Primary 1 (now P5). 5 Steps' teachers are very patient and caring. My Son's Math has achieved amazing results and we will definitely continue with 5 Steps. 😊
Koh Rui En
Mother of Shawn, P5
Since sending Jerome to 5 Steps for lessons, he has rediscovered the joy in Mathematics and has improved from an F9 to an A1! I was pleasantly surprised by such an improvement which would certainly be impossible without Mr Alex’s dedication and patience.
Mother of Jerome, Sec 2
Dr. Alex is very patient and attentive. I really enjoyed his lessons. Within two months, Dr. Alex has been able to do what seemed impossible to me before. He pulled my grade up from an E to a B.

Tan Shao Loo

The strongest part of Dr. Alex’s lessons is personalization. His approach suits my learning style and my learning needs perfectly. Thank you Doc!

Ng Yun Min

I like Dr. Alex’s encouraging and friendly way of teaching. His crystal clear explanations for the maths problems made them a piece of cake for me 🙂

Chee Hui Cheng

With his expert help Dr. Alex is absolutely indispensable if you are really aiming for an A and you haven’t enough time.

Jeremy Foo

The most valuable outcome of Dr. Alex’s tuition classes for me is my confidence in mathematics. As soon as I regained my confidence my marks at school started to improve at full tilt.

Siti Aminah

I tried quite a few maths tutors and tuition centers but nothing worked for me until I called at 5 Steps Math and that’s what changed my life.

Chong Huai Fong

Mr. Alex’s way of teaching was unique, effective and exam-focused. I became much more confident in math in just a couple of months.

John Low

5 Steps Math is something really different. My son’s grades has improved significantly in less than two month. Dr. Alex is simply the BEST! Keep it up!

Jolena Ting (mother of John Low)

I can easily monitor the progress of my two boys online anytime. And this progress is amazing! I’ve had a headache with their maths since they went to school but now it seems to be over.

Guo Zhen Chang

I didn’t think it’s possible to master S4 syllabus in just 6 weeks. Mr. Alex helped me to find out my weaknesses and fill in the gaps so fast! I worked hard but now I’m ready for O-level.

Lee Shu

5 Steps’ lessons are fun and the class is small. Now I feel that I’m able to conquer Math! Dear Dr. Alex, thank you!

Guo Shu

Dr. Alex is awesome! His tuition sessions not only effective but enjoyable and full of fun. By analysing common mistakes in just one month I managed to overcome my fears of exam.

Kamrun Nahar